Coalition for Fair Energy Codes

The Coalition for Fair Energy Codes (CFEC) is an unincorporated group of wood industry companies and associations established to advance the fair and impartial treatment of all building products in energy codes and standards.

CFEC supports technically credible and cost-effective energy conservation; the use of the best available building science and technical data in support of the code development process; and construction industry options, alternatives and trade-offs for meeting energy codes.

Working for Energy Codes that States will Adopt

CFEC recognizes that the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) has met significant resistance as states have considered updating their codes.  Many states have delayed updating their energy codes while some have completely bypassed the 2012 IECC.  An energy code that is not adopted or enforced contributes nothing toward our nation's energy independence.

CFEC supports the development of a 2015 IECC that contributes to energy efficiency through widespread code adoption and enforcement.  To that end, CFEC has proposed changes to the IECC that restore flexibility and increase options for achieving energy efficient buildings.  These proposals seek to increase adoption and enforcement of the energy code in a way that provides a reasonable payback that will be acceptable to consumers.

Please click here to view CFEC's 2015 IECC code change proposals.
Please click here to view CFEC's 2015 IECC public comments.

For more information about CFEC, contact us at info@fairenergycodes.org.